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[birt-dev] Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, February 27, 2006

Title: Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, February 27, 2006


BIRT PMC, 10am Pacific, Monday, February 27, 2006


Wenfeng Li - BIRT PMC Lead - Actuate Corporation (
Paul Clenahan - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Scott Rosenbaum - BIRT PMC - Innovent Solutions (
Jason Weathersby - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Mike Fox - BIRT PMC - IBM Corporation (


PMC Meeting Logistics

Due to a combination of travel schedules and EclipseCon preparations, there will be no PMC meetings on March 6 and March 13. The next PMC meeting will be from EclipseCon on Tuesday March 21st.

BIRT 2.0.1 Availability

BIRT 2.0.1 has been completed and is available for download from

In addition to fixing a number of community reported bugs, we have made improvements in the download and install process based on community feedback. These include an "all-in-one" download that packages BIRT and it's dependant packages together, as well as providing BIRT via Update Manager.

The AXIS libraries have also been approved by the Eclipse Management Organization (EMO) and are incorporated into the BIRT 2.0.1 downloads.

BIRT 2.1 M5

BIRT 2.1 releases are joining the Callisto simultaneous release at Milestone 5, so the first BIRT 2.1 release will be BIRT 2.1 M5.

All projects, including BIRT, that are part of Callisto are on schedule. BIRT 2.1 M5 is targeting March 3rd availability.

The goal for BIRT 2.1 M5 is to utilize the Platform, EMF, GEF and DTP projects that are part of Callisto. BIRT usage of Callisto Platform, EMF and GEF is looking good, but there is some risk for usage of DTP.

David Williams also recommends that the BIRT team looks at the improvements in Update Manager that are part of Eclipse 3.2.

BIRT 2.1 Development Plan

Pending action item to get the formal BIRT 2.1 plan updated on the Development Plans section of As before, Bugzilla continues to be the point of reference for features and bugs that will be part of BIRT 2.1.

Using Eclipse Wiki for PMC Minutes/Logistics

There was some discussion on whether it made sense to use the Eclipse Wiki for managing and publishing the BIRT PMC minutes. Conclusion was that a number of us tend to work offline or on hand-held devices a lot and that it is more convenient to manage the PMC via email as we currently do.

Report Object Model (ROM) Documentation

ROM documentation on the BIRT web site needs updated. Scott will file a Bugzilla entry and we will schedule this.

Post BIRT 2.1 Planning

Very early stage discussion on post-BIRT 2.1 features and priorities. Tentative areas for investigation include:

  • Continue to build on the baseline reporting capabilities in BIRT to enable BIRT to handle even more report types.
  • Integrate and leverage the work that the DTP project is doing for query tools (especially SQL query tools)
  • Integrate and leverage the work that the WTP project is doing with the goal of making it easier to integrate BIRT reports into web applications
  • Investigation across the other Eclipse projects to determine if there are other areas we should be leveraging
  • Foster additional BIRT project participation to expand BIRT beyond the "RT" part and into the "BI" part.

In all cases, the Community is encourage to log enhancement requests via Bugzilla.

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