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[birt-dev] RE: birt-dev Digest, Vol 4, Issue 4

Following is an example to demonstrate how to add ODA-JDBC data source and data set programmatically.

		// 1: get ReportDesignHandle
		ReportDesignHandle reportDesignHandle = HandleAdapterFactory.getInstance( )
				.getReportDesignHandleAdapter( )
				.getReportDesignHandle( );

		// 2.1: create datasource handle
		String datasourceName = "datasourceSample";
		String datasourceType = "";
		OdaDataSourceHandle datasourceHandele = reportDesignHandle.getDataSources( )
				.getElementHandle( )
				.getElementFactory( )
				.newOdaDataSource( datasourceName, datasourceType );

		String odaDriverClass = "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver";
		String odaURL = "jdbc:odbc:test";
		String odaUser = "sa";
		String odaPassword = "sa";
		datasourceHandele.setProperty( "odaDriverClass", odaDriverClass );
		datasourceHandele.setProperty( "odaURL", odaURL );
		datasourceHandele.setProperty( "odaUser", odaUser );
		datasourceHandele.setProperty( "odaPassword", odaPassword );

		// 2.2: add above created data source element to data source slot handle
		SlotHandle datasourceSlotHandle = reportDesignHandle.getDataSources( );
		datasourceSlotHandle.add( datasourceHandele );

		// 3.1: create data set handle
		String datasetName = "datasetSample";
		String datasetType = "";
		OdaDataSetHandle datasetHandle = reportDesignHandle.getDataSets( )
				.getElementHandle( )
				.getElementFactory( )
				.newOdaDataSet( datasetName, datasetType );
		datasetHandle.setDataSource( datasourceName );
		// assume there is a table named testTable
		datasetHandle.setQueryText( "select * from testTable" ); 

		// 3.2. add above created data set element to data set slot handle
		SlotHandle datasetSlotHandle = reportDesignHandle.getDataSets( );
		datasetSlotHandle.add( datasetHandle );

You can get more information from and


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Today's Topics:

   1. How to create a datasource (Andres Felipe Gomez Mondragon)


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Hello, I need your help.
I need to create a datasource using java code but i dont know how to write 
the datasource with the properties like driverclass, url,  user, password 
and the metadata with a query like "select code, description from conexion".
After the results i´ll show in a table.


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