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FW: [birt-dev] Problem with Report using java directly

The extensionID can not be set. The Id should be set when you create the
oda-data-set or oda-data-source. There is a method 
ElementFactory :: newOdaDataSet(String name, String extensionId).
ElementFactory :: newOdaDataSource(String name, String ExtensionId).
should be used to create the oda elements.
The methods:
 ElementFactory :: newOdaDataSet(String name)
ElementFactory :: newOdaDataSource(String name)
are used to create the normal dataSet/dataSource without extension.


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From: Wei Yan 
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Subject: FW: [birt-dev] Problem with Report using java directly

Who can response to this question?

-Wei Yan

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Subject: [birt-dev] Problem with Report using java directly

I speak spanish, so sorry for english.
I have a problem because Iam trying to make manually a report using the

I want to insert an atributte into the tag <oda-data-source> called 
extensionID, but i dont know which method or class should i use.

I have this:

ReportDesignHandle design = session.createDesign();
ElementFactory factory = design.getElementFactory();
OdaDataSourceHandle dataSource = factory.newOdaDataSource("JKalyptra");
                .setBeforeOpen("extensionProperties.odaUser = 
                        + "extensionProperties.odaPassword =
                        + "extensionProperties.odaURL = 
                        + "extensionProperties.odaDriverClass = 

I compile the class but when i run the report throws these errors:

There are errors on the report page:
Error1:Missing extenion id in data source definition, JKalyptra
Error2:Data source JKalyptra is not defined
Error3:Data set Conexiones is not defined

What can i do?

Thanks for the attention.

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