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[birt-dev] BIRT article in Journal


I am in the process of writing an article on Eclipse as a data warehouse and data mining workbench. BIRT seems interesting to evaluate in this regard. I hope this mail does not offend anyone or is considered spam. If anyone can or will help with BIRT related information then pls. write directly to rup.inf@xxxxxx.

a. Who is the right person to interview about BIRT? Is there a main person (CEO or the like) that is natural to answer questions? Besides the business related questions, I also need access to a strategic developer if that is possible?

b. Who, if anyone, is in charge of the BIRT data mining related issues? I am active in data mining research and will probably do some experiments on the sample DB to demonstrate the ease of doing data mining using some of the open source Java data mining programs. Is there anyone who has the lead on this that I can contact or work with?


Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Informatics
Copenhagen Business School
Njaldsgade 80, 3rd floor
2300 Copenhagen
E-mail: rup.inf@xxxxxx
fn:Rasmus Pedersen
org:Copenhagen Business School;Department of Informatics
adr:;;Njaldsgade 80, 3rd floor;Copenhagen;;2300;Denmark
title:Assistant Professor

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