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[birt-dev] Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, June 6, 2005

Title: Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, June 6, 2005

BIRT PMC, 10am Pacific, Monday, June 6, 2005
Wenfeng Li - BIRT PMC Lead - Actuate Corporation (
Paul Clenahan - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Paul Rogers - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Scott Rosenbaun - BIRT PMC - Innovent Solutions (
BIRT 1.0 Released
BIRT 1.0 has been released! The team is really excited about the first BIRT release and the community response so far. We will be posting announcements on BIRT 1.0 availability this week and there will be press releases on this as well.

BIRT Information on and General BIRT Adoption
To encourage adoption of BIRT, we have been working on getting more new content up onto the web pages.

This week we introduced the BIRT Wiki ( This is a Wiki framework that allows the community to post information and tips on using BIRT. We already have moved the FAQ across to the Wiki and encourage the community to create content on the Wiki pages.

There are a number of short "How To" tutorials on the BIRT pages ( The PMC is looking to add additional tutorials and will be developing a "My First Report" tutorial in the coming weeks. We also encourage the community to develop tutorials and let the PC know -- we can then upload these on the site.

We would also like to get some case studies onto the BIRT pages -- any volunteers from the community?
BIRT 1.0.1
We are planning a BIRT 1.0.1 maintenance release for end of July. The primary goal is to provide support for Eclipse 3.1 and to provide an RCP version of BIRT.

We will post the BIRT 1.0.1 Plan by the end of next week. We are going through Bugzilla now and will also be creating Bugzilla queries that show what Bugzilla entries will be addressed in BIRT 1.0.1.

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