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[birt-dev] Thank you for making BIRT a reality

Fellow BIRT project committers:

BIRT 1.0 is released!   It is the first top level project to be released since Eclipse became an independent, non-profit foundation. It is also the first major BI and Reporting open source project, and that has the potential to change the BI software industry landscape in significant ways.  And for many of us, it is also the first time we've experienced the excitement, instant feedback and viral adoption of open source development: the many downloads; the positive feedback and suggestions for improvement in news group; the buzz at conferences and with the press; the many ISV and enterprise applications that have integrated BIRT without us evening knowing it; and the overall feeling that we are building something  really really big. Let's enjoy the summer and continue work for greater adoption of BIRT in the Java community.

Thank you for making BIRT a reality.

Eclipse BIRT PMC

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