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RE: [birt-charting-dev] How can I you get the the name of the images that BIRT generated



Thank you for your interest in BIRT. This mailing list is actually for BIRT charting developers communications only, questions are best answered on the newsgroups.


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Subject: [birt-charting-dev] How can I you get the the name of the images that BIRT generated


Hello to all I am in need of some assistance.


I have recently started working with BIRT and I have it running in a servlet container. Is there a way to know what image names (in this case charts) BIRT generated and placed in the image directory when the report runs and renders. I thought getReportRunnable() would do the trick but I could not figure it out


What I relly need is the chart images created, it looks like BIRT is createing and numbering the images sequentially (custom1, custom2, etc) but I need the names that were generated  for a particular instance that was just run since ther could be other sessions running other reports.


Here is the code that I have


Thanks in advance for any guidance.





design = birtReportEngine.openReportDesign(sc.getRealPath("/birt/reports") + "/" + reportName );

IRunAndRenderTask task = birtReportEngine.createRunAndRenderTask(design);




HTMLRenderOption options = new HTMLRenderOption();