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[birt-charting-dev] How can I you get the the name of the images that BIRT generated

Hello to all I am in need of some assistance.


I have recently started working with BIRT and I have it running in a servlet container. Is there a way to know what image names (in this case charts) BIRT generated and placed in the image directory when the report runs and renders. I thought getReportRunnable() would do the trick but I could not figure it out


What I relly need is the chart images created, it looks like BIRT is createing and numbering the images sequentially (custom1, custom2, etc) but I need the names that were generated  for a particular instance that was just run since ther could be other sessions running other reports.


Here is the code that I have


Thanks in advance for any guidance.





design = birtReportEngine.openReportDesign(sc.getRealPath("/birt/reports") + "/" + reportName );

IRunAndRenderTask task = birtReportEngine.createRunAndRenderTask(design);




HTMLRenderOption options = new HTMLRenderOption();