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Re: [babel-dev] Some pseudo language packs didn't build today

There was one project (can't remember which) whose MAP files were referencing jars on external sites.  Babel cannot talk to the outside world that way (to avoid translating the planet) so the maps processor was failing.


On 06/08/2010 09:33 AM, Daniel Pastore wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm looking here, but I think the maps files for Sequoyah and MTJ are outdated. I'll check and update them.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 10:29, Andrew Overholt <overholt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It looks like a few translation zips didn't get built this morning.
Comparing this:

with this:

I see these missing for today:

* (100%)                                                                        |  * (100%)
* (100%)                                                                   |
* (100%)
* (100%)
* (100%)

Does anyone know what went wrong?


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Daniel Pastore

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