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[babel-dev] Problem exporting

Hi all,

I got the next problem exporting an application based on eclipse RCP:

I had include this feature on me workspace: which contains this 
plugin: org.eclipse.ant.tests.core.nl_de_3.5.0.v20091121043401.jar

But when I try to export the product or the feature alone, I get this error:

  Unable to find plug-in: 
org.eclipse.ant.tests.core.nl_de_3.5.0.v20091121043401. Please check the error 
log for more details.

That plugin exists, but eclipse can't reach it.

Any ideas? or do I need to create a new feature, include all the "available" 
plugins from the babelLenguagePack and them export that new feature?

Aritz Dávila

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