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[babel-dev] Babel release plan

After hearing a few conversations on the mailing list, I think we all agree that the language packs are in good shape to be released. However, we need more packaging and polishing works for the translation server, message editor, and other tools.

We discussed the release plan on Monday's Babel Development Status Meeting. We think it makes sense to release the language packs to the community so Eclipse users can use them together with the Galileo release. We are thinking to release the language packs as Babel Release 0.7.

After that, we will focus on enhancing the packaging and polishing of the translation server and other tools. If we are satisfy with the works in the fall, we will release that in fall maintenance release.

Any comments on the release plan?

The success of the Eclipse project is the result of great community contribution. Babel is a new project and is in need of more help! If you could contribute in any of the project areas, which include the translations, the translation server UI, back-end, runtime tools, that will help make the Babel successful. Thanks!

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead

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