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Re: [auto-iwg] [polarsys-iwg] [Maturity] EclipseCon France 2013 talk about Polarsys and Eclipse Quality

Cross-posting to the Automotive working group. I imagine that there are many
who participate on both lists, but I think there are at least a few who do

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> Hiho dear colleagues,
> For those who missed it, we gave a talk about the Maturity Assessment work
> and the quality model we discuss:
> Slides have also been uploaded on the polarsys website:
> Feedback was globally positive:
> * There were approx. 50 people in the room.
> * Many attendees shown a deep interest in quality (quite unusual, isn't
it? ;-),
> and our approach seems to be accepted, as well as the quality concerns and
> metrics identified.
> * The main counterpoint of some people was to not see it in action. I
> them we would have such a demo soon (while crossing fingers backside ;-).
> * Many people admitted they would love to see it being matured and adopted
> by Eclipse as well as Polarsys.
> This meeting was also the opportunity to talk with members of the
> working group. Although both domains are quite different (e.g. they use
> different standards), there are areas of common interest and we should
> probably share our thoughts and advances on the topic (i.e. quality).
> there proposed Oscar as a link between both working groups.
> Oscar, please can you contact me? I do not have your email address (you
> have mine). We should together:
> * Elaborate on safety: what it is, how we may measure it. I've put some
> thoughts on that matter on the wiki:
> * Discuss what are the areas where the Automotive WG and Polarsys WG may
> work together.
> As a conclusion, I would say that the topic we are addressing is
considered as
> being relevant and interesting.
> We may have a good opportunity to make it more widely accepted and
> recognised than just in the Polarsys community. Maybe for the upcoming
> EclipseCon Europe?
> --
> Boris Baldassari
> SQuORING Technologies
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