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Re: [atf-dev] Problems with content assistance


If you are using ATF, I would suggest that you us an Ajax Toolkit Project. When ATF create the project, its creates the needed structures for JSDT to do content completion. The ATF build you are using has an early version of JSDT and JSDT does the content completion for _javascript_. The team is working on a new build that has the latest version of the JSDT code.

JSDT is actually a component in WTP and is planned for WTP 3.0. If you only interest is in JSDT, then I would suggest that you download the WTP 3.0 milestone 5 build. This is the version of JSDT planned for the next ATF build. There are  probably some JSDT options that you will need to set for a WTP Static/Dymanic web project to get content completion, but you will be able to get the JSDT team to answer your question on one of the WTP news groups.

As I implied there are some options that need to be set for non-ATF projects which the JSDT team will need to answer.


Robert Goodman

Malte Schwerhoff <mhslists@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/24/2008 09:48 AM

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[atf-dev] Problems with content assistance

Hello group,

I recently installed Eclipse and WTP/ATF in order to edit _javascript_
files. I created a new _javascript_ Project with two files and several

I now have the problem, that I can't get content assistance (CTRL+SPACE)
to work in file FileA for functions that are defined in FileB and vice
versa. When editing FileA, the editor correctly proposes functions etc.
defined in FileA but not functions defined in FileB - which IMHO makes
content assistance rather useless.

(Btw, JSEclipse offers the wanted functionality but I didn't like it for
other reasons.)

I already searched quite a while for a solution and I'm sure it can't be
a "new" problem because its a fairly basic functionality that I'm
missing. Anyway, I yet wasn't able to find a solution.

The modules I use are the following
 - Eclipse
 - AJAX Toolkit Framework for WST 0.2.3v200709141050
 - ATF support for JSDT 0.2.3v200709141050
 - WST Project 2.0.1.v200709110510...

Malte Schwerhoff
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