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[atf-dev] Problems with content assistance

Hello group,

I recently installed Eclipse and WTP/ATF in order to edit Javascript files. I created a new JavaScript Project with two files and several functions.

I now have the problem, that I can't get content assistance (CTRL+SPACE) to work in file FileA for functions that are defined in FileB and vice versa. When editing FileA, the editor correctly proposes functions etc. defined in FileA but not functions defined in FileB - which IMHO makes content assistance rather useless.

(Btw, JSEclipse offers the wanted functionality but I didn't like it for other reasons.)

I already searched quite a while for a solution and I'm sure it can't be a "new" problem because its a fairly basic functionality that I'm missing. Anyway, I yet wasn't able to find a solution.

The modules I use are the following
 - Eclipse
 - AJAX Toolkit Framework for WST 0.2.3v200709141050
 - ATF support for JSDT 0.2.3v200709141050
 - WST Project 2.0.1.v200709110510...

Malte Schwerhoff

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