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[atf-dev] New Committer Nomination (Kevin Sawicki)

I would like to nominate Kevin Sawicki as a committer to the ATF project. He has worked and/or submitted code for the following bugs.

150321 maj P3 PC RESO FIXE must be moved to debug.ui
149877 nor P3 PC RESO FIXE Build preference page for stop/suspend options
152194 nor P3 PC RESO FIXE Using mozilla scrollbar interfering with page selection
153362 nor P3 PC NEW           Allow single selection of project file or URL in launch c...
153501 nor P3 PC NEW           DOMSource: Somehow notify users when the edits contain er...
153651 nor P3 PC NEW           FlexibleProjectUtils coupled to WebContent directory
153787 enh P3 PC NEW          CSS tooling supported
150847 enh P3 PC RESO FIXE XHRMonitor: Format request/response content based on mime...
151435 enh P3 PC RESO FIXE DOMSource: Insert Hyperlink in rendered source to affect ...
153192 enh P3 PC RESO FIXE Format DOM Source without inserting nodes into DOM
153194 enh P3 PC RESO FIXE Show selected node in DOM Inspector as linked breadcrumb ...
153318 enh P3 PC RESO FIXE Make DOM Source editable and allow updates to browser page

He's been key in developing new tools around the Embedded Mozilla browser.


Leugim A. Bustelo (GINO)
ATF Developer
IBM Software Engineer - Web Technologies

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