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Re: [atf-dev] Re: Problem of installation [solved]

I was unable to use the URLs Anna posted below as Eclipse Remote Sites. However, I was able to download the files from the sites via my web-browser and recreate the archives manually.
If you have the same problem, follow these steps:
1.    Click on the URL’s Anna posted below.
2.    view the site.xml
a.    This lists the structure you need to have in your zip file
b.    A features dir and a plugins dir
c.    If the plugins entry has a “url” property you’ll need to follow that on the website and recreate all the intermediate folders
The I created looked like:
Then I could tell Eclipse to use this as an archived site.
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Hi Adam,

Everything was checked. When I checked atf features I could see error message on the top of the window which looked like this:

org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.ide.feature(1.0.1) requires feature "org.mozilla.xpcom.feature(1.0.0), or later version.

When I clicked on the Error Details... I saw one more missing thing: org.mozilla._javascript_ plug-in.


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Hi Ania.


The ATF install *should* have searched out those two URLs for you and
downloaded them automatically as dependencies -- they are checkboxes
in the install.  Was everything checked?


Sorry, I'm unable to see the attachment.  The digest attachments don't
seem to work.



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Subject: [atf-dev] Re: Problem of installation [solved]
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After all those hours I managed to solve the problem.


Before installation of atf you need to install two things:

Eclipse->Help->Software updates->Find and install->Search for new features to install:

New Remote Site:
name: Mozilla XPCOM for Java




New Remote Site:
name:Mozilla _javascript_ for Java


after that atf installs with no problems.

Now lets see what other adventures are wainting for me during the final steps of the installation and first using the environment :]


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