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Re: [atf-dev] floyd?

Well I wouldn't go as far as wanting to use junit, (i'm a big testng fan myself ) but the idea is extremely appealing.

Ideally projects such as dojo or prototype could use a system like this while writing unit tests in JS instead of java. Sounds like it would be possible even if you do have to roll your own mozilla/gre compilation for your own system. Perhaps this could be a nice addition on to systems with rhino based unit tests.

On 5/31/06, Javier Pedemonte <jhpedemonte@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 5/31/06, Jesse Kuhnert < jkuhnert@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Someone just pointed this project out to me on another list, .
It looks like it's using the ibm donated java XPCOM wrapper api to embed gecko into a unit test suite.

From what I could tell (didn't do a thorough investigation), it is using JRex (

The only fault I see is that it requires writing unit tests "in java".

Actually, I've already heard from a couple of people that had this very idea in mind.  They want to test web apps, but would like to use an established and robust testing module like jUnit.

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