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[atf-dev] floyd?

Someone just pointed this project out to me on another list, .

It looks like it's using the ibm donated java XPCOM wrapper api to embed gecko into a unit test suite.

Is there any interest in something like this? I haven't tried it out at all yet, but am assuming it will require xulrunner or similar native components to be installed on the client system. (sort of a heavy installation checkout out dojo from svn and running unit tests with this setup would probably not be possible. )

The only fault I see is that it requires writing unit tests "in java". It probably wouldn't be very hard to make the right things available to jum/js unit tests...Not something I was planning on doing anytime soon (have other projects that need to get out the door first) , but thought I'd share since someone else was kind enough to share with me.

Jesse Kuhnert
Tacos/Tapestry, team member/developer

Open source based consulting work centered around dojo/tapestry/tacos/hivemind.

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