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[aspectj-users] Upgrade AspectJ Maven plugin to Java 11 (AspectJ 1.9.4)

I know that this mailing list is not for the AJM plugin but maybe the
maintainers read it as they don't seem to read their tickets (or are too
busy maybe, no offense meant).

Java 11 and AspectJ 1.9.4 have been out for a while, but AJ Maven is
still on version 1.11, supporting only Java 8 AFAIK. So if anyone wants
to build with JDK 11 they have to use a forked plugin version such as
com.nickwongdev:aspectj-maven-plugin:1.12.1. I think this is kinda
suboptimal. Maybe someone can take the time to upgrade the plugin. :-)

Best regards
Alexander Kriegisch

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