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Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT icons query & iajc problem

Thanks for your suggestions, Mat and Eric.

The search engine is a great help in browsing the AspectJ archives.

As for using the AspectJ builder in AJDT, I am trying to convert my project from the Ant build to
the AspectJ builder.

I mention again, Ant is a convenient build tool especially when projects need to be built in stages
and involve a variety of build situations. For example, typically, when compiling ORBs, the initial
stages involve building the IDL compiler and then generating Java source files by running the IDL
compiler. The generated sources are then compiled using either the <javac> or the <iajc> task. A
lot of times, these sources have circular dependencies.

One way suggested for adapting to this variety of build scenarios, is to split my ORB compilation
into a series of Java and AspectJ projects and have them dependent on each other in a (mostly)
sequential manner. I read the suggestions for doing binary weaving in Mat's article at the following
link: http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-aopwork9/

But at the same time I understand that the AJDT support for crosscutting visualization for binary
aspects and binary weaving is not as rich as that enjoyed by the traditional AspectJ projects.
I think enhancing <iajc> to generate the crosscutting information is probably worth it. I would be
interested in hearing opinions of others in the community using Ant and AspectJ and how they
handle this.

Once again, I thank you for your suggestions and pointers.



Matt Chapman wrote:
On 09/06/06, Venkat Chakravarthy <vchakra@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1) Does the AJDT editor display annotation icons in the gutter for
   projects that are built using the <iajc> task of Ant?


- If not, it would be great if the we could have this facility. I know
a lot of large projects use Ant for building.

I think it would be theoretically possible to have iajc output the crosscutting relationships to a file, which is then read by AJDT. Most projects are likely to use Ant on their build systems, but in the development environment why not stick with the AspectJ compiler driven through the Eclipse builder?

2) I am curious to know the file that AJDT uses to produce the icons and
the cross-references view. I looked around in my Eclipse workspace and
did not find any.

After a build the crosscutting relationships are stored in-memory. They are however serialized in a file under the .metadata directory of your eclipse workspace when you shutdown the workbench, and then de-serialized at next start-up. You can also save the relationship map out to a file in a project by selecting from the AspectJ tools context menu. It's a binary format (ask on the develepers list if you want to know more about the format).

3) Non-forking compile using <iajc> in Eclipse is not working and throws
   an error...

I suggest raising a bug. When AJDT generates build.xml files it always uses fork=true, so doesn't hit this problem.



> 4) It would be convenient if a search functionality is added to the > > mailing list archives. Over the years several questions have been > > answered and a considerable AspectJ knowledge repository has been > > created.

This actually works. Just look at:

But it's true that this should maybe be linked from the aspectj-users
list website.