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RE: [aspectj-users] Logging enabled check idea

Well, I am not from the ajc team, but I know Java bytecode and I know
that from the bytecode you cannot tell where the evaluation of an
argument starts. The "two styles" that were presented indeed share
virtually the same byte code representation. What you need are dataflow
pointcuts or something like that. PQL for example can handle similar
problems already: http://pql.sourceforge.net/. But generally you will
still have to wait a few months or so until practical solutions for such
problems are available. People are working on it. That's what I know for
sure. I am not sure however, if any of such things are ever gonna make
it into the ajc compiler. Problably not (because that can have quite an
impact on compilation time).


> No, unfortunately not; please disassemble your woven class and see for
> yourself. I'm actually surprised that the around advice is not wrapped
> around the argument construction as well. Could someone from the
> AspectJ
> team please comment on why this is so, and whether this might be added
> in
> the future? Considering that this.foo(this.bar(this.baz(z))) can be
> pretty
> expensive depending on bar and baz, wrapping around them as well would
> be
> really really nice and more in line what one (meaning me :) would
> expect.