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[aspectj-users] Re: Working on AspectJ Self-Study site

I've added two more examples:
The sequence starts here:
The first example demonstrates an aspect capturing method execution.
The second example demonstrates an aspect capturing field assignment.
The third example demonstrates introductions.
The fourth example uses all three of the above to produce a simple change-tracking system.

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From: Brett L. Schuchert <schuchert@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 9:59:21 AM
Subject: Working on AspectJ Self-Study site

I've been working on some examples and exercises meant to help a person new to AOP learn about it using a style of education called "experiential learning."
I've converted three of these exercises using JBoss AOP and now I'm doing the same with AspectJ. (I did JBoss AOP first because I gave a presentation to the Oklahoma City JUG and the Dallas/Fort Worth JBug a few weeks back.)
The URL is: http://schuchert.wikispaces.com/AspectJ+Self+Study
These exercises provide details of setting up Eclipse 3.1.x with Java 5 and AspectJ 1.5.x using Load Time Weaving. (I wanted to keep the number of technologies low so I do not use AJDT).
I've got the material for the first three exercises (the third one being the first non building block style exercise) but I've only actually put up the first exercise.
I'd appreciate your feedback if you are so inclined.
My ultimate goal for this material is to get my company to offer a 3 - 5 day workshop on AOP. I won't mention my company (and I'm not using my company email) because I'm not trying to sell anything. Just looking for feedback.