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[aspectj-users] AJDT doesn't spot pointcuts in WTP 1.5 projects


I've been having problems using WTP 1.5 (wtp-S-1.5RC3-200605182217) with AJDT 1.4 (ajdt_1.4.0.20060518082333) under Eclipse 3.2RC4. (WTP 1.5 RC2 under Eclipse 3.2RC3 with an earlier AJDT has the same problems).
I've been doing the same with earlier builds, but now it doesn't seem to work anymore. This is however a new project, so I might have overlooked something that's related to the newer builds?

AJDT spots pointcuts, weaves and marks them correctly in the standard Java projects, but not in the WTP Dynamic Web Project.

The problem I'm currently tracking is two simle Spring MVC controller classes which have the Spring @Transactional annotation applied to their handleRequest method. The project uses JDK 5 (compiler is set to 5.0 as well).
I've specified spring.jar (from Spring 2.0 M4) in the AspectJ Aspect Path (as in the other projects).

Here's the output from the AJDT Event Trace:
16:12:35 Build kind = FULLBUILD
16:12:35 Project=WebAdministration, kind of build requested=Full AspectJ compilation
16:12:35 Builder: Tidied output folder, deleted 7 .class files from C:\java\workspaces\jc\WebAdministration\build\classes
16:12:35 Preparing for build: not going to be incremental because no successful previous full build
16:12:37 Timer event: 1313ms: Time to first compiled message
16:12:37 Timer event: 1391ms: Time to first woven message
16:12:37 AspectJ reports build successful, build was: FULL
16:12:37 AJDE Callback: finish()
16:12:37 Timer event: 1516ms: Total time spent in AJDE
16:12:37 Timer event: 0ms: Create element map (0 rels in project: WebAdministration)
16:12:37 Types affected during build = 7
16:12:37 Timer event: 0ms: Add markers (0 markers)
16:12:37 Timer event: 1563ms: Total time spent in AJBuilder.build()

Any ideas to what's wrong?