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[aspectj-users] Re: [NEWSDELIVER] Aspects and EJBs


You will have more luck with this question on the AspectJ mailing list (copied) where a number of people engaged in J2EE development are subscribed.

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Subject:        [NEWSDELIVER] Aspects and EJBs


I am trying to apply aspects to EJB classes to track the behavior of the
code as it is executing in an app server. What I noticed is that some of
the advices make it impossible to deploy the EJBs. I think, when I tried
"execution" pointcut in my advice, JBoss complaind that my remote
interface is in violation of EJB spec (unfortunately I do not have the
detailes of the error). There was no obvious connection between the advice
and the remote interface I could see.

I did not expect the aspect to make the code undeployable. Is it a common
problem? What changes in the classcode may cause this behavior?

Thank you.