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Re: [aspectj-users] No "interactive feedback" (incremental compiln) in Eclipse with AspectJ

I often see my aspects disappear from the Types views (of the Java
Browsing perspective).

A clean build doesn't help.

Closing and reopening the project appears to.

Eclipse 3.1.1, AspectJ

On 5/2/06, Andy Clement <andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
i am debugging something in this area - however, in the scenario I am
using I find that pressing the build button fixes all problems, as it
forces a full build - I get the impression that didn't fix your
situation??  I think there is interplay here between multiple bugs -
the most painful two at the moment being:

1. incremental compilation of aspects can cause gutter markers to
vanish (the code on the disk should be fine in this case, it's just
the markers that are missing) (bug 134471)
2. sometimes errors reported back from the compiler don't reach the
problems view  (bug 132314)

i'm currently working on these.

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