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Re: [aspectj-users] No "interactive feedback" (incremental compiln) in Eclipse with AspectJ

Andy Clement wrote:
> i am debugging something in this area - however, in the scenario I am
> using I find that pressing the build button fixes all problems, as it
> forces a full build - I get the impression that didn't fix your
> situation??

well, i don't know of a build button, but cleaning / forcing rebuilds via
the project menu didn't help.

> I think there is interplay here between multiple bugs -
> the most painful two at the moment being:
> 1. incremental compilation of aspects can cause gutter markers to
> vanish (the code on the disk should be fine in this case, it's just
> the markers that are missing) (bug 134471)
> 2. sometimes errors reported back from the compiler don't reach the
> problems view  (bug 132314)

those are a good description of what i was seeing.

good luck + please post when you have a fix; i'll try things out and see
if i have an additional problem...


> i'm currently working on these.
> Andy.
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