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Re: [aspectj-users] Applying Aspects to business applications

Hello John,

On Wednesday 15 January 2003 19:11, John R wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this question; if
> there is a better one I would appreciate a pointer to the right discussion
> group.
> I am learning about AOP and have read through several tutorials and
> documents.  I'm having a hard time thinking about ways to apply
> "crosscutting concerns" to handle business logic.  

Some of my experience: The most obvious "crosscutting concerns" are 
"architecture concerns" as you have named them. From my experience you should 
need to have some AOP experience or have some sessions with a good AOP 
consultant, to be capable to identify the business concerns.
Most OO-developers I have trained in AspectJ, they were simply "blinded", by 
exisiting OO-approaches to implement business concerns.

> Almost every AOP example
> discusses the implementation of aspects in logging or enforcing contracts
> but can anyone give an example of how an aspect can be applied in a way to
> encapsulate a croscutting business logic concern (rather than an
> architecture concern like logging)?

Yes, I can.

> Can anyone think of (or direct me to an article) that discusses the
> implementation of AOP to handle the business logic of an application rather
> than the architecture of an application?
I will have a speak at the next AOSD about my experience using AspectJ to 
integrate Applications easier into an EAI project. 
Implementing Business Rules with AOP is another quite interesting topic.
You can either glue a rule engine to the system, or even implement the 
business rule in plain java. Both approaches are IMHO superior against the 
current state of the art. 
Maja`d Hondt has published some articles about that topic.

I am very interested to participate on such a project on reduced rates, and 
create a case study afterwards, because it fits very nicely into my research 

another crosscutting concern is the notification of the MVC-pattern in most of 
the swing classes.

kind regards

Arno Schmidmeier
+49/9151/90 50 30
or A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes, I have realized several projects with AspectJ.
Yes, I do provide consulting for AspectJ.

> Thanks,
> -John R.
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