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Re: [aspectj-dev] Re: [Bug 55107] add removeLibraryAspect method to weaver


That sounds like a great thing. Would that be possible with the current
weaver implementation or do you need to reimplement parts of that
because of the BCEL dependencies?

BTW: I am currently using a specialized version of BcelWorld which
enhances the "lookupJavaClass" method. My implementation first calls the
super class and then tries to load the bytecode of the class via
getResource using the class loader. Using this mechamism I do not need
to set the complete classpath to my BcelWorld (which would be quite
complicated using the Eclipse 3.0 runtime model). What do you think
about an interface for this class lookup?

You are in the right ball park. An idea that I discussed briefly with Jim was to create an implementation of ConcreteName that relies on information from Java reflection. This will cut down on footprint, be quicker that re-parsing byte-code and guarantee the correct type. However your approach is an excellent first step. Can you send me a code snippet and I will try to add it to 31460.

The idea to improve the weaving performance this like sounds great!

The code snippet I could send you depends on some Eclipse internal classes. Nevertheless I could send you that snippet, if you like.

Maybe we should create something like a TypeInformationProvider interface which contains methods for getting the complete bytecode for a specific type as well as a faster method for getting the Class object for a specific type. Then the weaver could use the getClass method whenever possible and getBytecode method if he needs the complete bytecode (maybe if the Class object is not yet available).

In addition to that we could add a method to the WeavingAdaptor to set this kind of interface. That would make the WeavingAdaptor more flexible, I think. The weaving class loader could create a default implementation for the interface mentioned above that uses the ClasspathManager to load bytecode and a map of already loaded classes for the getClass method.

What do you think?


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