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[aspectj-dev] AspectJ Developer Builds now available for download

We're on the run-in to an AspectJ 1.2 release, and a lot of improvements have been going into the codebase of late. We wanted to make these updates available to users who are prepared to be "on the bleeding edge" and work with pre-release versions of the compiler. AspectJ is automatically built and tested (using CruiseControl) whenever a commit is made to the CVS tree. Each time a build passes all of the release tests, we are now making it available for download from the eclipse.org site. This build is known as the "last known good," or "best so far" build.

You can always download the most recent last-known-good build from: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/dev/aspectj-DEVELOPMENT.jar. You will also find a link from the download page of the AspectJ project (http://www.eclipse.org/aspectj).  If you find problems in a last-known-good build, please be sure to identify it as such in any bugzilla report.

-- Adrian