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[aspectj-dev] 1.1.1rc1 preview status

All of the AspectJ P2s have been resolved.  The only thing left to do is
make inter-type declarations show up in the ASM.  I'll send out details on
the updated ASM API, but the short of it is has been simplified, is ready to
support incremental builds (another 1/2 day will get that working, but
that's not scheduled for the rc), and will evolve easily to support
eagerly-parsed containment hierarchies (e.g. JDT's).  (Note that I haven't
ported AJDT to the new APIs yet, so I haven't checked in an updated

One unit test in the suite is failing
(BuildModuleTests.testAllModulesCreation).  Wes, do you recognize the

We need to run the tests on Linux.  Erik?

We're almost there with automatic testing working on cruise control.  

Some details on my last commits/fixes follow.


40534: Declare warning/error output - more detail required.  
- Added getDetails() to messages.  This String corresponding to
thisJoinPointStatic part can be used by tools that need to display
additional info.   

40257: parsing of "../" paths in LST files is broken

41129: swing progress monitor should be de-coupled from build  
- fixed, also integrated error handling

40990: outline view erroneously shows joinpoints inside aspects 

41254: revise asm and create interfaces 

Changed org.aspectj.bridge.IMessage.getISourceLocation to getSourceLocation
in order to match method naming conventions.