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[aspectj-dev] AJDE 1.1 status

I just reviewed the 1.1 release in AJDE, updated and fixed bugs in the
JBuilder and NetBeans plugins.  My schedule has been very tight, and I
apologize for doing this so very late in the game.  

I want us to figure out if it is worth delaying the 1.1 release by 2 weeks
in order to give me time to fix the remaining high priority issues listed
below.  Help from others could shorten that time.  If we don't delay I,
*sigh*, think that we should postpone the Eclipse, JBuilder, and NetBeans
plugin releases until 1.1.1 comes out.  I would really like to get the
JBuilder and NetBeans support solid now as I can't see myself having much
time to maintain them post-1.1.  Let me know what you think.


The following items apply to all the IDE support: AJDT, AJBrowser, JBuilder,
and NetBeans:
- Crosscutting structure model incompleteness: inter-type declarations info
is missing, advice on constructions is missing.
- Pointcut references don't show up: this makes AJBrowser's and JBuilder's
"crosscutting structure" view incorrect.
- Type information doesn't show up: this makes AJBrowser's and JBuilder's
"type view" incorrect.
- Parsing of "../" paths in ".lst" files is broken.
- There is a new suspicious bug causing *all* Eclipse compiler warnings to
show when no "-Xlint" option is passed.

All of these issues would make the IDE support in the 1.1 release less
functional than 1.0.  


The good news is that I fixed the plugin to be compatible with JBuilder 8,
and enabled incremental compilation.  A few new bugs have surfaced:
- main class execution fails due to verify error
- inline annotations don't work
- back and forward navigation isn't synchronized w/ the editor


I've updated the plugin to be compatible with 3.4.1 and 3.5rc3 and updated
it to support incremental.  I've fixed the remaining high-priority
NetBeans-specific bugs.