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[aspectj-announce] Aspects Equinox Incubator 1.0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of AOSGi 1.0.1. Please see the home page for details of how to download an use it:

AOSGi is an Equinox framework extension and a bundle that presents the AspectJ complier as an OSGi service which together facilitate load-time weaving of aspects packaged in bundles. It’s also a programming model for developing new applications or extending existing ones that are deployed on the Eclipse platform. For those of you who are using LTW and are targeting OSGi, Eclipse or RCP applications this project offers a more integrated, JDK-independent alternative to using JVMTI. There is also a growing set of demos for you to download and try. Please post any questions to aspectj-users@xxxxxxxxxxx or equinox-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx and report bugs, comments or requests to Bugzilla:

The Aspects Incubator Team

Matthew Webster
AOSD Project
Java Technology Centre, MP146
IBM Hursley Park, Winchester,  SO21 2JN, England
Telephone: +44 196 2816139 (external) 246139 (internal)
Email: Matthew Webster/UK/IBM @ IBMGB, matthew_webster@xxxxxxxxxx

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