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[aspectj-announce] AJDT 1.4.1 for Eclipse 3.2 released (and more!)

We are pleased to announce, for the first time ever, the simultaneous
release of four versions of AJDT!

They are as follows:

AJDT 1.4.1 for Eclipse 3.2 - this is the latest stable release of AJDT
for the latest stable release of Eclipse. The release includes AspectJ
1.5.3, numerous bug fixes and new features in the areas of binary
weaving, refactoring and build automation.

AJDT 1.5M3 for Eclipse 3.3M3 - a milestone release with the same AJDT
functionality and AspectJ version as AJDT 1.4.1, supporting the latest
Eclipse milestone.

AJDT 1.3.3 for Eclipse 3.1 - an update to AJDT 1.3.2 incorporating
AspectJ 1.5.3.

AJDT 1.2.3 for Eclipse 3.0 - an update to AJDT 1.2.2 incorporating
AspectJ 1.5.3.

All releases are available from the AJDT Downloads page:

The "What's New" page is here:

Note if upgrading from AJDT 1.4 to 1.4.1: the feature id changed from
"org.eclipse.aspectj" to "org.eclipse.ajdt", which results in Eclipse
treating them as different products. The recommended approach for
upgrading is to install 1.4.1 using the update site URL (from the
download page above) in the Eclipse Update Manager, and then use the
"Manage Configuration" dialog to disable the 1.4.0 feature.

Thanks to everyone for trying out the development builds and the
release candidate, and for taking the time to submit good quality bug
reports and create test programs.

Bugs raised by:
Ron Bodkin, Matt Chapman, Ralf Ebert, Matthew Ford, Helen Hawkins,
Sian January, Mik Kersten, Panagiotis Korros, Eugene Kuleshov, Michael
Moser, Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski, Alex Savitsky, Thiago Souza, Matthew
Webster, and Steve Young.

Code commits and contributions from:
Matt Chapman, Matthew Ford, Helen Hawkins, Matthew Webster, and Steve Young.


The AJDT Team.

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