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[aspectj-announce] AJDT 1.4 released for Eclipse 3.2

We're very pleased to announce the release of AJDT 1.4 for Eclipse
3.2, which is synchronized with the release of both Eclipse 3.2 and
AspectJ 1.5.2. This is the first time such coordination has been
achieved. This is also the first release during which we have
contributed patches to Eclipse to improve the extensibility of the
platform, and thereby improve the integration of AJDT - we hope to
build on these small steps during the development of Eclipse 3.3.

A summary of the changes in AJDT 1.4 is available here:

The release can be obtained from the update site or as a zip file, as
listed on the AJDT download page:

The build identifier is "". The only change since
the RC1 release is an update of the included version of AspectJ to the
final 1.5.2 release.

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to this release,
particularly Sian January, Helen Hawkins, Ben Dalziel, Charles Zhang,
Irum Godil, and Arno Jacobsen.

We appreciate the time and effort required to raise bugs with a good
level of detail and reproducible testcases or scenarios. We'd like to
thank the following for raising bugs which were fixed in 1.4: Ultimo
Amore, Ron Bodkin, Hasan Ceylan, Sunny Chan, Adrian Colyer, Urs Frei,
Rob Grzywinski, Holger Hoffstätte, Barry Kaplan, Jason King, Eugene
Kuleshov, Ramnivas Laddad, Michael Moser, Cinly Ooi, Mohan
Radhakrishnan, Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath, Macneil Shonle, Christian
Spreuer, Matthew Webster, and Luca Zenti.
Finally, note that AspectJ 1.5.2 has also been put into the AJDT 1.3
release stream, in preparation for an AJDT 1.3.2 for Eclipse 3.1
release. This is available as a development build. Some of the bugs
fixed for AJDT 1.4 could be backported for this 1.3.2 release (some
cannot because they require Eclipse 3.2). If you wish a particular one
of these bugs to be considered for backporting to AJDT 1.3.2 for
Eclipse 3.1, please indicate this on the bug report (the list of fixed
bugs is available from the New & Noteworthy). I'm about to disappear
on holiday for two weeks, so I will look at these when I return, with
a view to making the 1.3.2 release shortly after that.

Many thanks,


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