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[aspectj-announce] AOSD'06: Final call for student grants and extravaganza submissions + corrected advance program

A O S D ' 0 6
Fifth International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development

A D V A N C E     P R O G R A M (corrected)
(+ final calls for student events and student conference grants submissions)

Early Registration Ends Feb 17, 2006

We are pleased to present the advance program for AOSD'06.

Read below, or visit [ ] to find out more on:
- Student Events and Student Conference Grants
               (submissions due January 30th)
- Keynote Talks
- Workshops, (+final position paper reminders)
- Tutorials (discounts for multiple tutorials!)
- Research Track
- Industry Track
               [ ]

Please visit the website to find out more about:
- 17 Demonstrations []
- Panel: Important Open Problems for Future Research in AOSD
- Birds of a Feather Sessions []

STUDENT EXTRAVAGANZA & GRANTS!!: Submissions Due January 30th
[] [ ]

This year's Student Extravaganza includes two key events:
a Spring School and an all-attendee Poster Party.
Note that we encourage you to attend both, and welcome combined submissions.

Student Grants:
There will be some grants available to students to attend AOSD.06
who would not be able to otherwise due to financial reasons.
These grants are primarily targeting students from Eastern Europe.

To save further, check out the student volunteers program at:
and the student accomodations information at:
[ ]

    *  Carliss Baldwin (Harvard Business School):
        The Power of Modularity:
                The Financial Consequences of Computer and Code Architecture
    * Richard P. Gabriel (Sun Labs):
        Design Beyond Human Abilities


  * Aspects in Teaching
  * Aspects and Software Product Lines
  * ACP4IS: Aspects, Components and Patterns for Infrastructure Software
  * Best Practices in applying AO
  * Aspect-Oriented Modeling
  * Early Aspects: Traceability of Aspects in the Early Life Cycle
  * LATE: Linking Aspect Technology and Evolution
  * Dynamic Aspects Workshop (extended)
  * Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Languages
  * Open Aspect Languages
  * SPLAT: SE Properties of Languages and Aspect Technologies

(Discounts for registering for multiple tutorials!)

T1:     Models and Aspects– Handling Cross-Cutting Concerns
           in Model-Driven Software Development
T2:     Programming with Views and Collaborations in ObjectTeams/Java
T3:     Generative Software Development
T4:     Aspect-Oriented Programming with C++ and AspectC++
T5:     Enterprise Aspect-Oriented Programming
T6:     abc : How to implement your own tools for AOP research
T7:     Getting to grips with AspectJ5

RESEARCH TRACK (corrected):
(for author affiliations and scheduling please visit the website)

Session 1: Tools and Software Process
        * Visualisation-Based Tool Support for the
                Development of Aspect-Oriented Programs
                J.-Hendrik Pfeiffer, John Gurd
        * Presenting Crosscutting Structure with Active Models
                Wesley Coelho, Gail Murphy
        * Using Aspects to Support the Software Process: XP over Eclipse
                Oren Mishali, Shmuel Katz, Technion

Session 2: Evaluation and Metrics
        * Composing Design Patterns: A Scalability Study
                of Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Nélio Cacho, Cláudio Sant'Anna, Eduardo Figueiredo,
                Alessandro Garcia, Thaís Batista, Carlos Lucena
        * Optimization Aspects in Network Simulation
                Jamal Siadat, Robert Walker, Cameron Kiddle,
        * Reusable Implementations of Concurrency Patterns and
                Mechanisms using Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Carlos Cunha, João Sobral, Miguel Monteiro

Session 3: Concern Modelling and Design
        * Towards Supporting On-Demand Virtual Remodularization
                Using Program Graphs
                David Shepherd, Lori Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
        * Expressing Different Conceptual Models of Join Point
                Selections in Aspect-Oriented Design
                Dominik Stein, Stefan Hanenberg, Rainer Unland
        * Semantic-based Weaving of Scenarios
                Jacques Klein, Loic Helouet, Jean-Marc Jezequel

Session 4: Aspect Reuse and Domain-Specific Approaches
        * Relationship Aspects
                David Pearce, James Noble
        * Reflections on Aspects and Configurable Protocols
                Matti Hiltunen, Francois Taiani, Richard Schlichting
        * Doxpects: Aspects Supporting XML Transformation Interfaces
                Eric Wohlstadter, Kris De Volder

Session 5: Language and Design Implementation
        * AO Challenge - Implementing the ACID properties for
Transactional Objects
                Jörg Kienzle, Samuel Gélineau
        * Detecting and Resolving Ambiguities caused by
Inter-dependent Introductions
                Wilke Havinga, Istvan Nagy, Lodewijk Bergmans, Mehmet Aksit
        * Symmetric Composition of Musical Concerns
                Patrick Hill, Simon Holland, Robin Laney

 Session 6: Language Design and Implementation
         * Adding Open Modules to AspectJ
                 Neil Ongkingco, Pavel Avgustinov, Julian Tibble,
                 Laurie Hendren, Oege de Moor, Ganesh Sittampalam
         * Explicitly Distributed AOP using AWED
                 Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro, Mario Südholt,
                 Wim Vanderperren, Bruno De Fraine, Davy Suvée
         * A join point for loops in AspectJ
                 Bruno Harbulot, John Gurd

Session 7: Testing
        * State-Based Incremental Testing of Aspect-Oriented Programs
                Dianxiang Xu, Weifeng Xu Xu
        * A Framework and Tool Supports for Generating Test Inputs of
AspectJ Programs
                Tao Xie, Jianjun Zhao

(for author affiliations and scheduling please visit the website)

        * Improving the Performance of Database Applications with
Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Uwe Hohenstein
        * Using Aspects with Object-Oriented Frameworks
                Michael Mortensen, Sudipto Ghosh
        * The Challenges of Writing Reusable and Portable Aspects in AspectJ:
                Lessons from Contrac4J
                Dean Wampler
        * Java Virtual Machine support for Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Joakim Dahlstedt, Alexandre Vasseur, Jonas Bonér
        * Implementation of AOP in non-academic projects
                Allison Duck
        * Gathering Feedback on User Behaviour using AspectJ
                Ron Bodkin, Jason Furlong
        * Lessons learned building tool support for AspectJ
                Mik Kersten, Matt Chapman, Andy Clement, Adrian Colyer
        * Use of AOP in J2EE application performance monitoring
                Srinivas Narayanan, Kamal Govindraj, Binil Thomas, Prashant Nair
        * Analysing AOP Adoption in Industry
                Rob Harrop

For more information please visit []
we apologise for multiple receipts of this message.

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