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[aspectj-announce] AOSD'06: Advance Program Announced!

A O S D ' 0 6
Fifth International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development

A D V A N C E     P R O G R A M
(+ final calls for student events submissions and workshop position papers)

Early Registration Ends Feb 17, 2006

We are pleased to present the advance program for AOSD'06.

Read below, or visit [] to find out more on:
- Keynote Talks []
- Student Events (submissions due January 30th) []
- Workshops, (+final position paper reminders)  []
- Tutorials (discounts for multiple tutorials!) []
- Research Track  []
- Industry Track  []

Please visit the website to find out more about:
- 17 Demonstrations []
- Panel: Important Open Problems for Future Research in AOSD
- Birds of a Feather Sessions []

    *  Carliss Baldwin:
        The Power of Modularity:
                The Financial Consequences of Computer and Code Architecture
    * Richard P. Gabriel:
        Design Beyond Human Abilities

STUDENT EXTRAVAGANZA: Submissions Due January 30th

This year's Student Extravaganza
includes two key events: a Spring School and an all-attendee Poster Party.

Note that we encourage you to attend both, and welcome combined submissions.


January 22nd Deadline:
  * Aspects in Teaching (extended)
  * Aspects and Software Product Lines
  * ACP4IS: Aspects, Components and Patterns for Infrastructure Software
  * Best Practices in applying AO
  * Aspect-Oriented Modeling

January 23rd Deadline:
  * Early Aspects (extended)

January 24th Deadline:
  * Dynamic Aspects Workshop (extended)

January 25th Deadline:
  * Foundations of Aspect-Oriented Languages

January 26th Deadline:
  * Open Aspect Languages

January 27th Deadline:
  * SPLAT: SE Properties of Languages and Aspect Technologies

(Discounts for registering for multiple tutorials!)

T1: 	Models and Aspects– Handling Cross-Cutting Concerns
        in Model-Driven Software Development
T2: 	Programming with Views and Collaborations in ObjectTeams/Java

T3: 	Generative Software Development

T4: 	Aspect-Oriented Programming with C++ and AspectC++
T5: 	Enterprise Aspect-Oriented Programming
T6: 	abc : How to implement your own tools for AOP research
T7: 	Getting to grips with AspectJ5

(for author affiliations and scheduling please visit the website)

Session 1: Tools and Software Process
        * Visualisation-Based Tool Support for the
                Development of Aspect-Oriented Programs
                J.-Hendrik Pfeiffer, John Gurd
        * Presenting Crosscutting Structure with Active Models
                Wesley Coelho, Gail Murphy
        * Using Aspects to Support the Software Process: XP over Eclipse
                Oren Mishali, Shmuel Katz, Technion
Session 2: Evaluation and Metrics
        * Composing Design Patterns: A Scalability Study
                of Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Nélio Cacho, Cláudio Sant'Anna, Eduardo Figueiredo,
                Alessandro Garcia, Thaís Batista, Carlos Lucena,
        * Optimization Aspects in Network Simulation
                Jamal Siadat, Robert Walker, Cameron Kiddle,
        * Reusable Implementations of Concurrency Patterns and
                Mechanisms using Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Carlos Cunha, João Sobral, Miguel Monteiro
Session 3: Concern Modelling and Design
        * Towards Supporting On-Demand Virtual Remodularization
                Using Program Graphs
                David Shepherd, Lori Pollock, K Vijay-Shanker
        * Expressing Different Conceptual Models of Join Point
                Selections in Aspect-Oriented Design
                Dominik Stein, Stefan Hanenberg, Rainer Unland
        * Semantic-based Weaving of Scenarios
                Jacques Klein, Loic Helouet, Jean-Marc Jezequel
Session 4: Aspect Reuse and Domain-Specific Approaches
        * Relationship Aspects
                David Pearce, James Noble
        * Reflections on Aspects and Configurable Protocols
                Matti Hiltunen, Francois Taiani, Richard Schlichting
        * Doxpects: Aspects Supporting XML Transformation Interfaces
                Eric Wohlstadter, Kris De Volder
Session 5: Language and Design Implementation
        * AO Challenge - Implementing the ACID properties for
Transactional Objects
                Jörg Kienzle, Samuel Gélineau
        * Detecting and Resolving Ambiguities caused by
Inter-dependent Introductions
                Wilke Havinga, Istvan Nagy, Lodewijk Bergmans, Mehmet Aksit
        * Symmetric Composition of Musical Concerns
                Patrick Hill, Simon Holland, Robin Laney
Session 6: Testing
        * State-Based Incremental Testing of Aspect-Oriented Programs
                Dianxiang Xu, Weifeng Xu Xu
        * A Framework and Tool Supports for Generating Test Inputs of
AspectJ Programs
                Tao Xie, Jianjun Zhao

(for author affiliations and scheduling please visit the website)

        * Improving the Performance of Database Applications with
Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Uwe Hohenstein
        * Using Aspects with Object-Oriented Frameworks
                Michael Mortensen, Sudipto Ghosh
        * The Challenges of Writing Reusable and Portable Aspects in AspectJ:
                Lessons from Contrac4J
                Dean Wampler
        * Java Virtual Machine support for Aspect-Oriented Programming
                Joakim Dahlstedt, Alexandre Vasseur, Jonas Bonér
        * Implementation of AOP in non-academic projects
                Allison Duck
        * Gathering Feedback on User Behaviour using AspectJ
                Ron Bodkin, Jason Furlong
        * Lessons learned building tool support for AspectJ
                Mik Kersten, Matt Chapman, Andy Clement, Adrian Colyer
        * Use of AOP in J2EE application performance monitoring
                Srinivas Narayanan, Kamal Govindraj, Binil Thomas, Prashant Nair

For more information please visit []
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