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Re: [aspectj-announce] Announcing AspectJ 5

Hi AspectJ & AJDT team,

thank you for presenting us AspectJ 5. And also thank you for answering
all the questions in the mailing list. I know I was sometimes a little
bit impatient but I can't remember a question where I got no answer.

And now it's time for christmas. Enjoy it and have a nice and peaceful


Adrian Colyer wrote:
> We're delighted to say that AspectJ 5 was released today and is
> available from the AspectJ download page:
> This release constitutes a full-upgrade of AspectJ to support Java 5,
> while also delivering a large number of quality improvements that will
> benefit users running on JDK 1.4 or below. In addition to the Java 5
> related language changes AspectJ 5 also supports an @AspectJ style of
> aspect declaration, greatly enhanced load-time weaving capabilities, a
> full reflection API, and tools APIs for parts of the weaver.
> Delivering on a project like AspectJ 5 involves an incredible amount of
> hard work, and without contributions from the community it simply would
> not be possible. The following community members have all made important
> contributions to the AspectJ 5 release:
> Contributions of patches integrated into AspectJ 5: (in no particular order)
> * Noel Markham
> * Andrew Huff
> * Martin Lippert
> * Oliver Boehm
> * Matthew Webster
> * Helen Hawkins
> * David Knibb
> * Ron Bodkin
> * Eduardo Piveta
> Significant contributions to testing and QA (either frequently supplying
> excellent test programs or providing great support while we were
> diagnosing problems): (in no particular order)
> * Ron Bodkin
> * Martin Lippert
> * Aske Simon Christensen
> * Attila Lindvai
> * Ramnivas Laddad
> * Matthew Webster
> * Oliver Boehm
> * Misha Kantarovich
> * Samuel Gelineau (our greatest generics tester!)
> In addition, the following all contributed good test programs: (in no
> particular order)
> Devi Prasad, Casier Koen, Gerard Davison, Laurie Hendren, Oege de Moor,
> George Harley, Ganesh Sittampalam, David Grainger, Rohith Ajjampur,
> Keven Ring,
> Masayuki Takahashi, Eric Bodden, Nigel Charman, Dean Wampler, Macneil
> Shonle,
> Alessandro Di Bella, Thomas Knauth, Ron DiFrango, Masashi Takeichi, Matt
> Chapman,
> Sian January, Charles Zhang, Ferdinand Prantl, Barry Kaplan, Santi
> Villalba,
> Pascal Felber, Andrew Brett, Dusan Chromy, Eugene Kuleshov, Michal
> Stochmialek,
> Ivo Kasiuk, Christoph Cenowa, John Franey, Pekka Enberg, Roman Kischenko
> Levente Mészáros, Ian Orford, Arco Oost, Ramana Gundapuneni, Mario Scalas
> Per Hustad, Ed French, Mark Strecker, Vincenz Braun, Lóránd Somogyi,
> Raymond Lin, David Knibb, Chris Burnley, Mohan Radhakrishan, Rafal
> Krzewski,
> Mike Menu, Valerio Schiavoni, Yoav Landman, Reid Hartenbower, Luis Arias,
> Michael Moser, Koen Muilwijk, Robin Green, Oliver Boehm, Ramnivas Laddad
> If we missed you off the list please accept our apologies:  it wasn't
> intentional and we're still very grateful to you!
> Thanks and stay in touch,
> -- The AspectJ Team.
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Oliver Böhm

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