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[aspectj-announce] Announcing AJDT 1.2.1 and 1.3

The stable releases of AJDT 1.2.1 and 1.3 are now available from the
update sites and downloads page:

These releases bring AspectJ 5 into your Eclipse environment, and
build on the close integration delivered in AJDT 1.2. In addition,
tools have been added to enable you to manage changes in crosscutting
structure as your projects evolve, support is available for launching
with load-time weaving, and working with pointcuts is helped by new
navigation support and source hovers. You can see these features in
action, and read about the rest of the changes here:

These releases were made possible by the following committers and
contributors: Sian January, Helen Hawkins, Andy Clement, Ben Dalziel,
and Matt Chapman.

Thanks to Kentaro Matsumae and Csaba Kabai for contributing
translations of AJDT messages - a translation pack containing these
will be made available shortly.

Thanks to the following for raising bugs and enhancements that were
resolved in these releases: Ron Bodkin, Matthew Webster, Eric Bodden,
Eric Poulin, Ramnivas Laddad, John Verhaeg, Thomas Smets, Mario
Scalas, Barry Kaplan, Aaron Oathout, David Knibb,
iyers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Nicholas Lesiecki, Irum Godil, Eduardo Rocha,
Michael Moser, Mik Kersten, Adrian Colyer, and Andy Clement.

And finally thanks also to:
  - everyone who has helped test the development builds,
  - everyone who has given feedback on the newsgroups and mailing lists,
  - the AspectJ team for giving us a reason to exist,
  - anyone we've missed.

Matt & the rest of the AJDT team.

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