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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ 5 M3 now available

We're delighted to finally announce the avaibility of the AspectJ 5 M3
milestone build.  This release completes a significant overhaul of the
compiler and weaver to fully support generics, showcases the new
load-time weaving support, and contains the first officially released
version of the @AspectJ annotation style of development. It also fixes
a large number of bugs that have been reported since the M2 build.

Full details of the supported features in M3 are contained in the
updated AspectJ 5 Developer's Notebook linked from the AspectJ home
page. We'll now be moving full steam ahead to M4 and then AspectJ 5

Many, many users have contributed excellent bug reports, feedback, and
suggestions that have helped to shape this milestone, and we'd like to
take this opportunity to say thank-you to you all, your input is
extremely valuable.

AspectJ 5 M3 can be downloaded from the AspectJ home page at

Thanks and stay in touch,
-- The AspectJ Team

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