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[aspectj-announce] AJDT 1.2 released for Eclipse 3.0

After considerable development effort the AJDT team is proud to announce
the stable release of AJDT 1.2 for Eclipse 3.0. We believe this represents
a significant step forward for AspectJ developers using Eclipse. We
strongly encourage anyone using AJDT 1.1.12, or any earlier build of 1.2,
to upgrade.

A summary of the changes in 1.2 is available here:

The release can be obtained from an update site or as a zip file from the
AJDT download page:

The build identifier is "". Since the RC2 release there have
been some docs updates and one code change which is a fix to bug 99133, a
problem involving rebuilding of multiple dependent projects.

Credits (in alphabetical order)

The core development team consists of Matt Chapman, Helen Hawkins, and
Sian January, with substantial input from the other committers: Andy
Clement, Adrian Colyer, Mik Kersten, and Julie Waterhouse. Additional
patches and contributions throughout 1.2 development were gratefully
received from: George Harley, Thomas Klaeger, Ian McGrath, Luzius Meisser
(who gets a special mention for achieving what was thought impossible:
getting JDT to accept aspects as compilation units - at least most of the
time!), Matthew Webster, and Linton Ye.

We appreciate the time and effort required to raise bugs with a good level
of detail and reproducible testcases or scenarios. Many bugs raised were
either fixed elsewhere (such as in AspectJ), resolved as duplicates, or
haven't been fixed as yet, but here is a list of raisers for bugs marked
as resolved in 1.2 (in addition to the above contributors): Eric Bodden,
Ron Bodkin, Andrea Cervi, Nedim Cholich, Mark Cooke, Scott Delap, Roman
Dolgov, Andy Edwards, Seb Gandon, David Graham, Jørn Erik Heigum, Wes
Isberg, Barry Kaplan, Antti Karanta, Adam Kruszewski, Eugene Kuleshov,
Suresh Kumarvepari, Ramnivas Laddad, Chris Lamb, Alison Lee, Neo Lee,
Nicholas Lesiecki, Willian Mitsuda, Dan Murphy, Ricardo Olivieri, Arco
Oost, Mike Perks, Adrian Powell, Arno Schmidmeier, Geir Ove Skjaervik,
Martin Theiss, Gerard Toonstra, John Verhaeg, and Gerd Ziegler.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us test the milestone and
release candidate builds and provided us with valuable feedback, all of
which has resulted in a more stable AJDT. The RC1 and RC2 builds alone
accounted for over 3,000 downloads from

What's next

After 1.2 our primary focus is on AJDT support for both Eclipse 3.1, and
AspectJ 5. Development and milestone releases will continue to be made
available for this environment, culminating in a stable AJDT 1.3 release
expected in September.

Support for Eclipse 3.0 will continue in the 1.2 stream, starting with a
1.2.1 release. For the latest details please see the AJDT plans page:


Matt + the rest of the team

Matt Chapman
AJDT Development,

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