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[aspectj-announce] Intensive AOP course - September 18, 19 - Vancouver, B.C.

(apologies for multiple copies)


Intensive Course on Aspect-Oriented Programming
Vancouver, British Columbia
September 18 and 19, 2004  

This course provides you with an opportunity to get a
deep introduction to AOP in just one weekend.

The instructors include: 

Gregor Kiczales, Adrian Colyer, Mik Kersten and Gail Murphy

The course will involve lecture, hands-on exercises, and classroom
discussion. You will leave with a solid understanding of AOP, as well
as the ability to begin discussing how your company should explore
this new technology in an expedient but risk-managed way.

Set in Vancouver, British Columbia, you will also have an opportunity
to visit one of North America's most beautiful cities.

For more information, see: 

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