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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ 1.2 released

We are pleased to announce that AspectJ-1.2 is now available from the 
download page at
or directly from

The definition of the AspectJ language is unchanged in the 1.2 release. 
Instead, AspectJ 1.2 provides major improvements to the functionality of 
the supporting tools. Compilation times are greatly reduced, error 
messages have been improved, incremental compilation support is extended, 
and the ajdoc tool is back. Detailed release notes for all these updates 
and more are available at:

AJDT users will be pleased to hear that the AJDT 1.1.10 release includes
the AspectJ 1.2 compiler, and has also been upgraded to work on Eclipse
3.0 M9.

I'd like to thank all of our users and of course the project team for 
their help in getting the AspectJ project to this important milestone.

Patches and contributions were submitted by George Harley, Matthew 
Webster, Martin Lippert, and Arno Schmidmeier. We are always very grateful 

for these contributions that help improve the compiler and supporting 

Easy to reproduce bugs were submitted by Nicholas Lesiecki, Ramnivas 
Laddad, Ron Bodkin, Sian Whiting, Eric Bodden, Mariano Ceccato, Antti 
Karanta, Umit Vardar, Nick Brett, Miguel Monteiro, Rafael Chaves, Eric 
Jain, Arno Schmidmeier, Attila Lendvai, Daniel McAllansmith, Laurie 
Hendren, Oege De Moor, and Kamal Govindraj.  We recognize the difficulty 
of producing clear minimal test cases from bugs found in large systems 
and appreciate the work that goes into these reports.

Thanks and stay in touch,
The AspectJ Team

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