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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ events at the AOSD 2004 conference

The AOSD conference is the premier event devoted entirely to aspect-oriented
technologies and practices. The conference brings leading researchers and
practitioners together to discuss the latest developments in the field.

PLEASE NOTE: the early registration deadline is this Friday, February 13th.

For AspectJ, the AOSD conference offers the best chance to learn more about
the technology, and to meet developers and practitioners.  AspectJ will be
presented at the following events:

* "Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ" by Erik Hilsdale and Mik
* "Good AOP: Idioms, Rules, and Patterns in AspectJ" by Adrian Colyer and
Wes Isberg
* "Enterprise Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ" by Ron Bodkin and
Andy Clement  

* "AspectJ Tools - new and noteworthy" by Mik Kersten, George Harley and
Andy Clement
* "An AspectJ-enabled Eclipse Runtime Engine" by Martin Lippert
* "aTrack: an enterprise bug tracking system using AOP" by Ron Bodkin, Dion
Almaer, and Ramnivas Laddad

For more information, please refer to: 

Thanks and stay in touch,

The AspectJ Team

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