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[aspectj-announce] AOSD 2004 Workshops Submission Deadline Approaching

Please note that the deadline for AOSD 2004 workshop paper submissions 
is Monday, January 19th.  For more information refer to:

The 3rd International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development
happens March 22-26, 2004 in Lancaster, UK.  

ACP4IS (David H. Lorenz, Yvonne Coady)

This workshop aims to provide a highly interactive forum for researchers 
and developers to discuss the application of and relationships between
aspects, components, and patterns within modern infrastructure software.
In particular, the focus is on the ways in which these techniques can be
applied, together or in isolation, to the development of "systems
infrastructure" software, e.g., application servers, middleware, virtual
machines, compilers, operating systems, and other software that provides
general services for higher-level applications.  The goal is to put 
aspects, components, and patterns into a common reference frame and to 
build connections between the software engineering and systems communities.

AOSDSEC (Bart De Win, Viren Shah, Wouter Joosen, Ron Bodkin)

This workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges in using AOSD
technology for security. The organizers welcome all contributions in this
area, and in particular contributions that focus on (1) the extent to which
AOSD can be used for the implementation and enforcement of security
requirements and (2) the tool support that is necessary to enable a full
modularization of these requirements.

Early Aspects (Bedir Tekinerdogan, Paul Clements, Ana Moreira, João Araújo)

This workshop aims to support the cross-fertilization of ideas in
requirements engineering, domain engineering, software architecture design
and aspect-oriented software development in order to identify the problems
and potential solutions of aspects in the early phases of the software
development life cycle. It continues the work started at the first and
second workshop on this topic held in conjunction with AOSD 2002 and AOSD
2003 respectively.

DAW (Robert Filman, Michael Haupt, Katharina Mehner, Mira Mezini) 

Traditional aspect systems define join points in terms of the static
structure of programs, but it is becoming clear that there are situations 
where it was desirable to invoke or change aspect behavior based on the 
dynamics of program execution. This workshop will seek to identify 
examples of useful dynamic aspect behavior, suggest appropriate 
linguistic structures for dynamic aspects, and discuss implementation
techniques for dynamic aspects, such as shadow compilation and 
modifications required in the underlying execution environment. The 
primary goal of the workshop is technology interchange on implementation
technologies and applications of dynamic aspects.

FOAL (Gary T. Leavens, Curtis Clifton, Ralf Lämmel)

FOAL is a forum for research in foundations of aspect-oriented programming
languages. The workshop aims to foster work in foundations, including 
formal studies, promote the exchange of ideas, and encourage workers in 
the semantics and formal methods communities to do research in the area 
of aspect-oriented programming languages.  All theoretical and foundational
studies of this topic are welcome.

SPLAT (Lodewijk Bergmans, Kris Gybels, Peri Tarr, Erik Ernst)

The SPLAT04 (Software-engineering Properties of Languages for Aspect 
Technologies) workshop will explore issues in designing AOSD languages 
and systems that promote good software engineering properties, particularly
with respect to comprehensibility, predictability, evolvability, and 
semantic interactions.


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