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[aspectj-announce] AspectJ-1.1beta2 is now available

AspectJ-1.1beta2 is now available:
  Compiler and documentation at

  Eclipse integration at
  NetBeans integration at
  JBuilder integration at
  Emacs integration at

This is the second beta release of AspectJ-1.1.  It includes a small number of new language features as well as major improvements to the functionality of the compiler.  A detailed description of these changes is available at:

The compiler is now feature complete although it still needs work in error checking and performance.  The tool support is still missing some crosscutting structure information and incremental compilation support.

This release passes 498 of 541 cases in our test suite.  If you find bugs in the compiler, please submit a reproducible test case to (product AspectJ, component compiler). Compiler bug reports that are hard to reproduce will be lower priority than ones that include clear test cases.

Thanks and stay in touch,

The AspectJ Team

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