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Re: [asciidoc-wg] Introduction and request for an AsciiDoc expert to join Oniro SpecC committee session

Hi Agustín,

thanks for reaching out to the AsciiDoc WG.

I'm an AsciiDoc practitioner and served on a previous AsciiDoc WG
steering committee. I might be able to help in one or the other aspect
although I haven't used AsciiDoc for specifications, yet. I might need
to learn more about your use cases first.

I can't make it to the call on August 2nd, but I might be able to join
another working group meeting. Feel free to invite me (off-list) to one
of your other meetings, or direct questions to me.


Dear AsciiDoc ecosystem and community members,

Let me start by introducing myself  since this is my first mail on this list.
My name is Agustín Benito Bethencourt, Oniro Program Manager at Eclipse
Foundation (EF).[1]

In a nutshell, Oniro[2] is an EF Working Group and a Project created to
develop a family of open source operating systems targetting a wide variety of
devices, big and small, intended to be used as the basis for commercial end-
to-end solutions in the IoT & Edge markets.

We at Oniro are taking the initial steps towards the creation of our first
specifications. Other projects at EF use AsciiDoc for documenting their
specifications. We would like to evaluate this possibility for ours.

In order to do so, the Oniro WG Specification Committee, lead by Marta
Rybczynska (in CC), would like to learn first hand about AsciiDoc and its
advantages for this particular use case (specifications).

We would appreciate is an expert(s) in this field could join us during our
next Committee session to:
* Introduce AsciiDoc
* Outline the benefits of using it for our specifications
* Q&A session.

Most of the Oniro WG Specification Committee Members are mostly or entirely
unfamiliar with AsciiDoc. So we might need more than one (learning) session to
take a decision.

The coming online Oniro WG SpecC session will take place...
* Tuesday August 2nd
* 17:00 CEST

If you are interested in helping us, feel free to answer this mail or ping
myself or Marta directly. Any help will be more than welcome.


Best Regards

Alexander Schwartz (alexander.schwartz@xxxxxxx)

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