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Re: [asciidoc-wg] Reminder: 2022 Candidate Program Plan Due Date November 5, 2021

Sharon et al,

In the past two months, between AsciiDoc WG business and my own business, all of my available time has been consumed. I can begin looking at the program plan and budget for 2022, but there's no way we can make the Nov 5 deadline today. I think it's reasonable to shoot for this time next month. That's the best I can offer. I do not anticipate needing a large budget, certainly no bigger than the one for 2021.

Part of what's been occupying my time is trying to get the brand identity goals for 2021 wrapped up. We're making headway, and I'm optimistic they can be done by year's end. That includes the AsciiDoc logo and brand identity guidelines, the design for the reclaimed, and the transfer and relaunch of When I put together the program plan for 2021, I underestimated how much effort these goals would take to achieve, and I now realize it should have been the primary focus of the group for this past year.

My plan is to hold the next WG meeting on Nov 16, 2021. At that meeting, the primary agenda item will be the program plan and budget for 2022. I'll send another message to solicit input, ideas, and needs from WG members that we can discuss at that meeting. The product of that meeting will be the program plan and budget documents, which we can subsequently revise and vote on asynchronously.

Best Regards,


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