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[asciidoc-wg] Front-end for Pandoc and general AsciiDoc processor (New project)


My name is Guillem Marpons, an independent software developer and AsciiDoc enthusiast. I'm really excited that this standardization work is going ahead. Thank you very much to all of you who are putting your efforts into making this happen.

I want to share with this WG that I'm working (barely beginning!) in a new AsciiDoc processor:

The initial idea was to write a Pandoc reader for AsciiDoc (, an endeavor attempted a handful times and never completed. Since then, the goals of the project have evolved and this is what the README currently states:

* Full compatibility with Asciidoctor and with the result of the AsciiDoc standardization process (long-term goal).
* Generates Pandoc JSON. Other back-ends can be easily added.
* Complete and precise source mapping information can be attached to the output (the kind of information needed by live previewers, editors, linters, etc). * Modular and extensible design: some syntactic features can be disabled and others can be easily added. * Scriptable in a similar way to Pandoc, but using and AST/DOM that is specific to AsciiDoc and fully supports the result of the standardization effort (long-term goal). * Can be used for (lossless) source-to-source transformations (long-term goal).
* Implemented in Haskell.

Not explicitly stated in the goal list, but working as an LSP backend is part of my long-term vision for the tool.

I applied to an Open-Source Fellowship sponsored by Tweag IO, so the project will be funded by them for the next three months: As part of the fellowship, I will also try to improve the Pandoc AsciiDoc generation.

I thought it would be interesting to share this information on the list to contribute to complete the picture of the AsciiDoc ecosystem. Also, if you find the proposed tool useful, I'll be glad to discuss any feature request or other kind of proposal on GitHub (or in this list if it's something that can benefit the standardization effort somehow and doesn't create too much noise).


Guillem Marpons

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