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Re: [asciidoc-wg] AsciiDoc implementation for the Java/JVM ecosystem / project proposal

Hi all,

> 6. Conversion to PDF

I suspect this is deliberately last on the agenda because it's not time
yet. I'm taking the bait anyway...

Given the state of the AsciiDoc-to-PDF workflow (XML-FO, dblatex, CSS3
paged media, asciidoctor-pdf): is there a plan to address PDF generation
at a WG level, rather than on an implementation-by-implementation basis?

As an enthusiastic AsciiDoc user, I find the PDF flow to be the most
fragmented, least consistent, and most frustrating part of the ecosystem
right now. If each language stack follows a different technical path
towards PDF generation I think it will be a missed opportunity.

I have a conflicting meeting today but will be following the mailing
list eagerly.


On 2020-06-16 8:00 a.m., Alexander Schwartz wrote:
> Reminder:
> For those you want to join me on a Jitsi video conference call today: it
> starts in 2 hours from now.
> When: June 16th, 17:00 UTC - Convert to your time zone:
> Where:
> Best regards,
> Alexander
> On 10.06.2020 17:08, Alexander Schwartz wrote:
>> Hi AsciiDoc enthusiasts,
>> the AsciiDoc WG is an exciting effort to standardize the language and
>> to allow the ecosystem to grow on the basis of a common specification.
>> After talking to Dan Allen I volunteered to write a project proposal
>> for an AsciiDoc implementation for the Java/JVM ecosystem. As a
>> maintainer of the AsciiDoc plugin for IntelliJ I have experience in
>> parsing AsciiDoc and using AsciidoctorJ, but I also know he areas
>> where parsing and good tool support is difficult today.
>> What use cases do you see for an AsciiDoc JVM implementation? What
>> contributions do you want to make or see necessary?
>> Please collaborate with me on this draft:
>> To edit the document request access or discuss it on this mailing list.
>> Don't forget to add you and your company to the "Interested Parties"
>> section!
>> For those who want to have a synchronous communication, please join me
>> on a Jitsi video conference call next week:
>> When: June 16th, 17:00 UTC - Convert to your time zone:
>> Where:
>> Please get in contact before the call with all the questions you might
>> have.
>> Best regards,
>> Alexander
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