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Re: [asciidoc-wg] Start on formal grammar?


This is an important topic and I'm glad you're thinking about it and also volunteering to contribute. One of the key goals of the AsciiDoc specification is to clearly define the syntax for AsciiDoc, which entails formalizing as a grammar (e.g., EBNF) to the extent possible. There are constraints we'll have to weigh regarding compatibility with existing content.

I ask that you hold off on this discussion until the specification project and list is in place (which is where the work on an actual specification will happen). You can then raise the topic there, where we'll discuss it at length. This list is for governance and administration of the working group and project formation (etc), not technical discussions. If we continue this discussion here, then we run the risk of letting a whole range of spec-related discussions into this list, which will be haphazard and create a lot of confusion. I know you're eager to get started and so am I. We're nearly there.



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